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The Progress Food Eating Plan

Three times a year, I run a 28 day online plan to help you to eat healthier, lose weight and feel fantastic.

£35 to join your first plan.  

Existing Progress Food members can enrol on subsequent 28 day plans for ONLY £20.


The Progress Food eating plan is designed to make you feel healthier and lose weight if that is your goal.  You will simply be eating real food with a high nutritional content.  It is suitable for you whether you wish to lose weight or simply just want to feel good and eat healthily.

You won't be starving yourself, it doesn't work.  You won't be tricking your body with chemicals, it doesn't work.  You won't be on a low fat diet, it doesn't work.  Most conventional low fat diet plans don't work in the long term because you are undernourished, eating flavourless food, not addressing sugar addiction and you're starving!

Your body will get everything it needs and more as we focus on real foods, which will provide you with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  There is some cooking involved, but it doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs some forward planning.

How does it work?

There are 3 opportunities during the year to sign up:

  • January
  • May
  • September

The next group will be the January group starting on the 8th of January 2018.

You will receive:

  • Full support from Lynne throughout
  • The Progress Food nutritional plan
  • Loads of recipe ideas and sample menu
  • Food and exercise diaries to complete
  • Evaluation and feedback every week on your progress
  • Help with goals, measurements and more

You will join a Facebook group along with everyone else following the same plan at the same time.  You will ALSO join the Progress Food Facebook group.  There are hundreds of recipes accessible in the Progress Food Facebook group with new recipes being added regularly. The Facebook groups are a great way to share recipes and ideas.  It is also very supportive to be able to chat to others who are following the same plan.  As the weeks progress you might find that you are eating slightly differently to others in the group, as I may be recommending different strategies depending on individual goals.

Unlike many other online plans, you have full support from me.  You can contact me as many times as you like about any problems and ask lots of questions. 

You remain a member of the Progress Food Facebook group permanently.

This means you will always be able to access recipes and have contact with other members after your initial plan.

People who have followed the plan previously have experienced an increase in energy, weight and fat loss, improvement in their skin condition, less bloatedness, increased mental wellbeing, improvement in chronic conditions and better sleep.

By the end of the Progress Food plan you will feel fantastic and will have lost fat if you follow the programme. 

Please do consult your GP if you have any medical concerns about joining this programme or email me if you have any medical conditions that can be affected by your diet.

Here is just some feedback from Progress Food customers: 

"I feel a lot better energy wise and my clothes are definitely looser.  I think the plan is easy to follow and really good value, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.  As well as kick starting the weight loss it's definitely made me think about how and why I eat and drink what I did."

"Thank you for all the support, I have lost over a stone in one month and I am over the moon!"

"I have enjoyed this way of eating because I can indulge my love of food by following lots of clean recipes."

"Feeling better, not missing sugary stuff that much and have been doing more cooking meals from scratch.  Thanks for all your advice and support."

 "Although there have been some tough moments I have honestly really enjoyed this challenge and am so glad I participated.  The FB page with tips, recipes and support really helped."

"The emails and the facebook group have been really supportive and useful, for encouragement and ideas and it's good to be part of a group going through the same experience."

"I loved getting your support and the feeling that someone was rooting for me!"

"I have felt much less tired. My attitude/relationship with food has dramatically changed."

"Thank you for all your help and support.  It has been a success for me, I am still 2 lbs off my target weight but have lost 9lbs in a month without ever feeling hungry."

"Thank you Lynne for the constant support and motivation. I have really enjoyed eating healthier."

"Thank you all for your recipes and comments, it has made it so much easier.  I was surprised how supportive something online can be!  I'm really glad to be eating such a healthy diet now.  I started with a target weight in mind but as the weeks went on I am happy to say that I stopped focusing on this and instead on how much better I felt."

"Thanks everyone for the ideas and positivity it really did help!!!!"

"Thanks to everyone for some fab recipes which I would never have normally even looked at but are delicious."

"I have enjoyed this new way of eating and going to continue maybe introducing some other foods back into my diet.  I'm amazed at having no cravings.  Delighted with a 10 lb weight loss over the course of a month."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it and has given me lots of new ideas and proof that you can stop your cravings and your body doesn't need sugar."

My relevant qualifications: 

  • Diet and nutrition diploma
  • BSc in Pharmacy

Any questions, just send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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